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Must be 21 to participate!! Have fun and please be respectful to other players.

This page consists of items that will be given out with donations from the members. If you’re wondering how things work just ask. Any negative comments of any kind will not be tolerated and you will be Warned or Removed from the group. Using profanity will get flagged by FB bots and cause you to get warned or removed from the group.

Let’s have fun and get some things given away. All items are new and will be shipped.

How do the webinars work?

Prior to the webinar being posted, we will record a video to determine the FREE seat on the webinar. When the webinar is over and a winner is selected Live, we will post this pre-recorded Video on our Live group.

When we post a teaser that shows the next item coming up; if you are interested in playing, simply click LIKE and we will tag your name when it goes up so you get notified.

Pick a seat on the Mainboard and we will advise if the item is FREE or Not Free. If free, there’s nothing for you to do. If Not Free, please send in your donation for the amount posted on the webinar. Please do this when you find out a seat is Paid to prevent delays at the end.

Do NOT reply to a comment with a seat # as these can be hidden from us due to FB failing notifications… Please use the MAIN thread to make all seat choices.

Please do NOT edit your comments as this gets confusing as we do not refresh the page constantly.

Do NOT use words like Gunnn, Gunnnnns, Firearrrrms in your comments. Instead use the term Pew Pew as they get flagged by FB.

Do NOT Edit or Delete any comments you make on the board as it causes confusion to the Admin and the other players who are looking to select a seat.  If the seat you chose was picked before you, I will let you know in my reply.   

If a Mini is ran to help fill the Main, the drawing is also done LIVE. These drawings will be done using a Random Number generator.

What is a Mini?

A Mini is a cheaper way to get onto the Main Webinar board.  For example:

Mini  1 – THREE Winners

  • 32.50 a seat
  • 3 spots each receive Paid MAIN seats (2,2,1)
  • BOGOs on BOOKS (1,11)

The above means, there are 3 Seats who will get Paid Main seats.   1st place gets 2 paid mains, 2nd place gets 2 Paid mains, and the 3rd place gets 1 Paid main seat.   Each person will pick in order and pick until they find the # of Paid seats they were awarded.  This allows each of them to find FREE seats.

If you claim a seat, please make sure to donate within a reasonable time or your seat will be forfeited to the next member (30 minutes from the time a Mini is filled OR 30 minutes from the end of the webinar). In the event, the player doesn’t respond, we will go LIVE and use Random. org to select their numbers.   

Additionally, if you win a Main seat from a Mini, please select that seat within 30 minutes to keep the webinar moving along. On rare occasions, we would be forced to utilize Random.org to select a seat for them.

Failure to comply and adhere to the Rules can get you Banned / Blocked from the group. 

Please follow the details on each webinar posted for the price, number of seats, and anything else like Bogos for Bookends.



  • To keep the group, clean and clear… We do not allow members to post introductions to the group.

No items listed are for private sale, trade, or transfer. No exceptions.


Main – This is the initial board on any webinar. these are Full Priced and Free seat.

Mini – This is a subset of the Main webinar where you can win Main seat at a reduced cost.

Bookend aka Books – When the webinar dictates it, the player can call Books and receive the lowest # and the highest # seat on the Mini for the cost of a single seat.

How are winners determined?​

All drawings are done in real time and LIVE video on our sister group Sportsmans Paradise LIVE for each member to join and watch. If you are not a member of the Live group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1276165043311667) simply request access and it will be granted shortly after.

You do NOT have to be present at the LIVE drawing in order to win an item, we will contact you.

What Donations are accepted?​

Donation methods can include, but not limited to: Apple Pay, Zelle, and Swipe Simple. Please sign up for one of these services. If you do not have any of these services, please do not play. The current donations are posted at the bottom of each webinar.


Please DO NOT provide any comments when submitting a donation. 

Please send donations at the time you call your seat on the webinar to prevent delays in running the Live.

How do we ship?​

All firearms or other ATF regulated items will be only shipped to/transferred to another FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) only. We ship for FREE to the lower 48 states only via FED EX & UPS..  

Still need help?​

If you have a question that is not covered here, please send a FB message to Brian Lewis and we will respond promptly.

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